The following issues have been fixed in SP4.1:

Issue id Description
8741 Libraries - IPE 80 profile is missing
8770 DE others - Drop-down options for the Drawers are incorrect
8822 VECTORWORKS - Staircase styles do not appear in the tool's library
3827 Vectorworks App - Callout Tool - Missing translation
8489 Translation - Hedgerow: "Area" should be translated as "oppervlakte" in stead of "kwadraat meter".
6979 Translation - Irrigation Outlet shows picture instead of graphic indication in NL version
7873 Manual - copy an electrical plan
8795 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Exterior joinery - cross
8616 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Changing elevation by stetching is less intuïtive compared to SP3
8289 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Inner Dimension values of divisions don't correspond to actual values in drawing
7593 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Favorites are not correctly enabled/disabled for a Project Window
6400 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Inserting specific window in wall, there might be a crash
6329 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Project window: some accessories cannot be changed after saving a project window.
8785 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Span window wrongly wraps components
8782 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Sill angle default value is multiplied 10x in settings
8733 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - specific chamfered corner window created in v2023 SP4.1 exported to v2022: v2022 crashes hoovering with cursor over object
8732 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Harmonica door created in v2023 SP4.1 exported to v2022: v2022 crashes with recalculation of harmonica door
8730 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Window schedule made in v2023 SP4.1 exported to v2022: v2022 crash with recalculation of window schedule
8724 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Wall part at corner: Geometry components is wrong
8720 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Vectorworks crashes by changing opening direction harmonica door
8646 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - VW2023 SP4 - Interior Joinery - 3D opening angle
8618 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - show opening directions resets when changing opening direction
8614 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Placing the window frame deeper than the wall with wall connection type 5: the slug in 3D is not correct.
8575 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Interior sill: "left indent" parameter doesn't do anyting, right indent parameter contolls both sides
8553 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Graphical Attributes for Exterior Sill Rectangle and Tile are not visible at the bottom of the list
8552 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - DE-WD tools unavailable in Spotlight version in SP2.1
8411 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - DE-WD Int (maybe also Ext): Materials in custom sets
8409 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - placing a DE-WD Int creates a class named '<Active Class>'.
8316 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Rabbet jumps backt to defaut values when opening opening direction
8310 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Exterior Joinery: A window object with a wall opening displayed in a 2D/Plan
7978 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Inner/Outer dimensions buttons not implemented for Interior Joinery
7541 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Changing a regular interior joinery object into a span wall changes glass into wood (only on Mac); interior door section only
7223 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Stretching window in frontview gives wrong dimensions
7206 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - on-screen height value error
7201 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Exterior Joinery: Unsuccesful attempt to edit a label symbol via the Edit symbol button
7175 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - trim in stretched window is not cut by miter
7109 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - SP3 window on a 0.0 point
7101 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Project window via preference dialog: no textures
6690 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Specific object: sill is invisible in 2D plan
6455 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Wall component doesn't stop where it should
6422 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - copy projet windows into another file not linked the symbol
6412 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Door with specific geometry is not visible in 3D
6407 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Interior door with specific geometry: wrong 2D and 3D
6406 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Interior door with specific geometry: no frame
6394 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Components wall parts extend too much
6391 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Concave corner window: Interiror sill doesn't cut out wall
4560 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Tab- button problems
8595 (DE-TG) Vandersanden Pattern Generator - Inporteer Vandersanden patroon
8587 (DE-TG) Vandersanden Pattern Generator - Vanderzanden import XML error
8562 (DE-TG) Vandersanden Pattern Generator - vandersanden klinkers gives erros, gevelstenen works well
7802 (DE-TG) Vandersanden Pattern Generator - Vandersanden mixed pattern doesn't works correctly
8448 (DE-EP) Electric Plan/Link - "debug" field is visble in OIP
8406 (DE-EP) Electric Plan/Link - Electric plan point and purge
8251 (DE-EP) Electric Plan/Link - lights with Electrical Drawing - Component and viewport

The following issues have been fixed in SP4:

Issue id Description
8552 Vectorworks App - DE-WD tools unavailable in Spotlight version
8515 Vectorworks App - TRANSLATION of Volledige datum - #DATELONG#
8433 Vectorworks App - Sliding skylight in roof from the resource manager: skylight is placed wrong if user origin is displaced.
8514 Vectorworks App - Preview panorama looks off
8544 Vectorworks App - panorama gets exported slanted
8472 Vectorworks App - Wall - Texture with hatch creates division lines between the same wall style on different layers
8548 Vectorworks App - Site model cropping disappears when the 3D views are changed.
8533 Vectorworks App - Units are still in Inches SP3
8335 Vectorworks App - wall surface area functions don't work as they should on curtain walls
8441 VECTORWORKS - Circles appear on the curved wall when a joinery is placed
8569 VECTORWORKS - can not open from 2021 in a 2023 version
8447 VECTORWORKS - Landscape Area calculation is wrong with clipped surfaces
6944 VECTORWORKS - Color Datavisualization not correct in worksheet
8091 Translation - DE-WD Red Symbols - DE library folder names are not translated
8121 Translation - Different result
8489 Translation - Hedgerow: "Area" should be translated as "oppervlakte" in stead of "kwadraat meter".
6979 Translation - Irrigation Outlet shows picture instead of graphic indication in NL version
7538 Translation - Existing Tree: conifers are missing in Landmark & Design Suite
7082 Libraries - Symbol "Truss Acc Prolyte MPT-009" has wrong geometry
7795 Cesyam plug-ins - Stair (basic) - strange behave of the U type stair in 3D
8510 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Pasting wall part using "bucket" inside a frame crashes VW
8540 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Interior Joinery: '3D Views' option in the Label tab displays in English, but is translated in the TTool
8246 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Option not translated in category Label - algemeen (Interior Joinery)
8395 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Interior Joinery: "3D Views" in the General Label tab not translated into Polish
VB-133963 DWG import: this file stucks by object 58, highest CPU.
VB-137247 DWG Taking Long Time to Import
VB-137545 dwg import fails
VB-163165 DWG Crashes VW
VB-168748 DWG import crashes
VB-170059 DWG File Imports to 95% then Freezes - Opens OK in Other Software : JBC
VB-172146 DWG Import: finish conversion of blocks - import doesn't finish
VB-177947 Cap may appear when joining a wall to a Pillar in the Uncapped Join Mode of the Wall Join tool.
VB-180882 Data Sheet: Label Name conflicts (inconsistencies)
VB-182452 Marionette: PIO reset bug (node ports move)
VB-182912 VGM Perspective clip error
VB-183106 Aligned Hardscape showing spikes
VB-183833 *Civil 3D File Stalls on Import Reading Model Space Entities : JBC
VB-184572 T02121 - Legacy 2D Can't be Disabled When Cropped Perspective is Enabled, Error Message Doesn't Specify
VB-185366 *VW crashes when you import specific DWG file
VB-185519 KLS: Energos ignores the name of german window and door
VB-185606 Test by JD site protection
VB-186256 Sheet layer requires 60GB just to look at it
VB-187086 Caching Graphics hangup
VB-187194 Vectorworks crashes after starting an animation a second time
VB-187647 Clicking Background Render Settings w/ multiple VPs selected pulls up wrong dialogue window
VB-188574 T02286 - Viewport with Laubwerk plants is corrupt
VB-188786 KLS: Objects with pen = none in 2D component of plug-in object ignored in Section Viewport
VB-188922 Reference Update Shows Missing Resources Error in VW 2023
VB-189125 Hardscapes Show Incorrectly in 2023 When Surface is Interpolated
VB-189458 RBF/Distance-based interpolation may not produce the desired result in some cases
VB-189603 Import TIFF locks the file on Windows until VW is closed
VB-190196 Unnecessary / Incorrect message is displayed
VB-190248 Creating Walkthrough Animation Movie Causes Crash on First Attempt in VW2023
VB-190428 Z fighting and random drawing artifacts in Shaded depending on view and zoom
VB-190466 Image export inconsistend with rendering
VB-190546 Hedgerow Tool - insert options
VB-190608 Leaves and hedgerow does not work with send to surface command
VB-190630 Some Colors Stripped When Exporting FQR Render to Image
VB-190645 Site model 2D colored elevations gets errors
VB-190874 ConnectCAD: Re-Route Circuits Tooltip
VB-190883 Creating Movie with Redshift Path Animation Causes VW to Crash (Sometimes)
VB-190929 Download BIM object causes DSTOP about IJSONType
VB-190976 Site Model: 2D contour colored elevations: Changing the 'Maximum Elevation' leads to an unexpected result.
VB-191013 Cloud: roof and walls wrongly black
VB-191031 ConnectCAD: Connector type displayed on top side of circuit line
VB-191072 *Select multiple 3D Polygon Groups causes a crash --bgfx::UniformBuffer::reset
VB-191098 Custom Light Emitter Loci in Lighting Devices no longer align to Body Geometry
VB-191199 Vectorworks installer Read Me file is incorrect about the macOS
VB-191240 Functions used in Preformatted Report "Hardscapes Budget and Quantity US" do not work.
VB-191245 Move Extrudes and Mesh performance regression
VB-191319 Test by JD site protection
VB-191381 ConnectCAD: Workgroup data not in workgroup category
VB-191444 T02264 - Multiple Folding Doors (Left and Right Leaf Number)
VB-191493 IFC Property : Incorrect list of custom property in worksheets
VB-191494 Vectorworks crashes when placing a Laubwerk southern blue gum tree
VB-191511 Crash when changing the 3D representation of a Laubwerk plant
VB-191553 Irrigation will not access data
VB-191587 Aligned Hardscapes Get Created with the Wrong Shape in VW 2023
VB-191632 Space Number Combination corrupted
VB-191645 Aligned Hardscape/Site Modifier: Feature lines should not be created between collinear profiles
VB-191648 Aligned Hardscape/Site Modifier: Should feature lines be created in gaps
VB-191673 KLS: Templates in Migration Manager missing
VB-191700 Planar Pads creates vertical surface
VB-191712 Column default content has incorrect story bounds
VB-191720 KLS: Migration Manager creates false path in german version in case of default folder
VB-191740 UI inconsistency opening Background Render Settings with Renderworks
VB-191777 Site Model Mesh Geometry Fails in VW 2023
VB-191804 Switching from the ConnectCAD workspace to the Design Suite workspace, causes the, "Window" menu item to disappear
VB-191805 Surfaces are not joined in section
VB-191806 Site Models Take-On the Wrong Shape in 2023 When Created from 2D Polys
VB-191814 "Flip Orientation" in Speaker Tool Preferences causes "Application Not Responding"
VB-191834 Missing menu item in Tools>Workspaces but sub menu works
VB-191844 Unwanted retaining edge on planar pad site modifier
VB-191868 Printer setup dialog in macOS Ventura
VB-191869 Aligned Hardscape: pure vertical edges lead to problems
VB-191875 Render Bitmap tool in Final Quality Renderworks is not working.
VB-191910 wall surface area functions don't work as they should on curtain walls
VB-191925 Move by Points command to change number of duplicates
VB-191928 When placing symbols into the roof as a skylight, only the first will work correctly on a Style Roof
VB-191937 Wall Inserts Jump to Internal Origin With Double Click on Resize Handle : JBC
VB-191948 snap missing from section VPs
VB-191952 textures black rendered over cloud
VB-191966 EXTRUDE > ROTATE: clip tool marquee doesn't align
VB-191969 Random but inevitable crashes when editing Landscape Area objects
VB-191972 KLS: Migration Manager does not migrate templates in German version
VB-191973 Specific document: bottom line component is not shown
VB-191987 Line Array displays Generic shapes of speakers instead of symbols in FR Version
VB-192045 *Vectorworks hard crashes after exporting to direct link -- Multi thread crashes
VB-192056 Glazing / Windows Area use the settings of the style instead of the object
VB-192063 Why can't I apply per-face textures to this object?
VB-192078 It is not possible anymore to snap to shaded rendered objects in a section viewport
VB-192106 SBE: VWPullDownMenuCtrl::SetItemEnabled() crashes despite valid input parameters
VB-192109 Vectorworks Remote Server crash
VB-192110 Split Tool Line Trim Mode Fails on NURBS Surface in 2023
VB-192118 Curious user will crash Vectorworks when executing Export ESC, when no file is open
VB-192119 *VW Crashes After Editing Duplicated Texture
VB-192135 Site Model: The Grade Limits modifier not applied if it is not entirely over the site model.
VB-192138 * Gradient with Shadow crashes Vectorworks - Multi thread
VB-192143 NURBS Surfaces are offset when Sent to Vision
VB-192169 DSTOP about maplist after create heliodon and save and commit
VB-192173 Viewport rendering teapot icon takes on current Fill color
VB-192191 BCF Connection with Bimsync does not allow use a custom URL
VB-192193 BCF Manager is loosing project/board list and you have to connect over and over again
VB-192241 ConnectCAD: Connect tool swaps source and destination in some edge cases
VB-192257 Multiview seems to be breaking
VB-192260 Grade doesn't modify the surface of Aligned Hardscape/Modifier
VB-192266 *Double Line w/ Components Custom Tool Crash
VB-192281 ConnectCAD: Device builder not showing user categories
VB-192283 *ConnectCAD - Crash when editing Device Info in Socket worksheet --TWorksheetEditManager::RegisterEditedConstrainedObject
VB-192292 Open Edge Site Modifier Slope Controls Fail When Object is Vertical/Horizontal
VB-192307 DOM: Reset All PIOs changes layer scale
VB-192310 Specific document: white background in horizontal section viewport
VB-192311 Wrong result of Section Viewport
VB-192315 sitemodel: using create object from shape (3d polygon to sitemodifier) does not work properly
VB-192333 *SendVGSEventToListener crashed
VB-192343 Resource manager does not show context menu. (Mac only)
VB-192355 Zooming in or out freezes Vectorworks. Vectorworks 2023.
VB-192379 Draped Hardscape: The Tapered option is not taken into account when creating the component geometry.
VB-192395 On Ventura, Vectorworks Package Manager crashes when trying to install VPKG from Vectorworks Package Manager's "Direct Install" menu.
VB-192396 Profile lines might not appear when setting "Cut Plane" to "Merge Cross Sections" on Advanced Horizontal Section Properties.
VB-192414 Aligned modifier: Doesn't align to one of adjacent Hardscapes after changing its configuration from 'No Site Modifier' to 'Planar Pad'.
VB-192415 Shaded inverts image-based transparency shader
VB-192437 Turning a wall into a Retaining Wall Site Modifier creates a Polygon instead of a Site Modifier when using an Architect License
VB-192439 Unable to change the color order on a custom color palette.
VB-192451 *TDrawPad::OpenWorldPoly crashed a lot - Multi thread - from VGMPlanarMeshProvider::CreateMeshData
VB-192453 WallSlabAssociation stores invalid RefNumber
VB-192472 Site Model - Not correct in 3D Extruded contours
VB-192473 *Opening file crashes VW --RebuildDimensionTextGroup
VB-192493 Landscape Area calculation is wrong with clipped surfaces
VB-192495 Circles appear on the curved wall when a US joinery is placed
VB-192502 Vectorworks hangs when hardscape is realigned
VB-192515 Space: area is reset to 0, when resetting the instance or style (only this document)
VB-192534 *Vectorworks crashes when opening the file
VB-192536 VW Crashes When Ungrouping a Group that Contains 3D Polygons
VB-192549 Wrong item in Resource manager Action menu (Windows)
VB-192555 *WallComponentsHaveSameFill crashed
VB-192562 Data manager cant find record on symbols
VB-192564 VW Crashes When Using Project Tool in Trim Mode
VB-192566 Dimensions Can't be Marquee-Selected Inside Graphic Legend Annotations
VB-192579 Recent Regression in 'Hatches in HL VP and SVP.vwx' Automated Image Test
VB-192585 Editing Titleblock manage sheet data
VB-192596 Graphic Legend - Door/Window ID Tags Fail to Show In Exports
VB-192598 Graphic Legend - Removing Annotations Causes Legend to Recalculate
VB-192602 VW2023 Crashes while Zooming on Horizontal DL Section Viewport within Test File
VB-192611 Editing extrusions in a rotated top/plan view
VB-192613 Aligned Hardscape: Creation of aligned hardscape using the aligned hardscape tool does not work in this case.
VB-192614 Aligned Hardscape: Inconsistent alignment in this case.
VB-192628 Mass planting polygon extends outside plant group
VB-192653 DOM: Section Viewport issues with nested PIO in PIO
VB-192656 MFarnan DSTOP Undo warning Stopping OnlyRecognizePrimitives when weve already stopped only recognizing primitives!
VB-192672 Crash when the file is converted to VW 2023
VB-192681 *Cut and Fill calculation crashes - Landscape!counterclockwise
VB-192686 Landmark Root Ball/Container/350L Airpot Spelling error
VB-192700 The data tag does not show the correct value.
VB-192710 Vectorworks: Default Blank Drawing Units Error
VB-192726 not possible to work with this file - bad performance
VB-192737 Referencing rvt files makes them land at 0,0
VB-192742 Section Viewport: Stairs disappear after udpate
VB-192745 *Data Tag: change distributed weight crashes Vectorworks
VB-192748 Resource manager search does not work for Favorites
VB-192756 Polygon's Inner Boundary Mode Places Objects on the Wrong Plane Inside Groups
VB-192758 Landscape area doesn't show plants correctly in 3D
VB-192763 Hardscape texture bed shows issues
VB-192768 Inserting symbol/window into wall creates circle in Top/Plan
VB-192783 Shaded Panorama preview stiching issue
VB-192826 Localization issue, title block shows ISO instead of DIN
VB-192831 Import IFC: Importing IFC4 with syntax error not possible
VB-192837 Hedgerow tool: Spelling mistake in Vertex count parameter
VB-192866 Preview panorama looks off
VB-192870 Spotlight - Braceworks - Hoist- Ignored classes from Objekt Settings
VB-192890 Data tag reports feet as inches when units are feet and inches
VB-192891 2023 SP3: Perspective view issue with near clipping plane
VB-192896 Import Tree Survey: 'cm' not available for Selected Unit
VB-192901 DWG Import Fail
VB-192905 Plant Diameter Variation not "Randomized"
VB-192909 Wrong Geometry of Stair
VB-192910 Help text is missing in Reshape tool of 3D polygon, Nurbs Curve and Nurbs Surface
VB-192913 Save View dialog too wide
VB-192922 Crash when releasing an object that has not been changed in a working file
VB-192931 A problem with Skylights in Roof Faces
VB-192952 Raster Viewport Bounds size warning dialog misleading
VB-192963 Export to MVR crashes vectorworks
VB-192964 Geometry is sliced in Normal Perspective
VB-192969 Hardscape took on the texture of an adjacent landscape area
VB-192984 Objects disappear when you zoom in in a 3D view
VB-192996 Crash bug: Data Tag with Space
VB-193000 Material Classification: 5 typos in txt file
VB-193001 Site Model: Broken 3D Extruded Contours Visualization
VB-193002 Not possible to chance class visibility if Multiple View Panes is active
VB-193003 Acceptance Failure: Section Viewports Missing Geometry
VB-193008 Spotlight Speaker PIO Drawing Performance Degradation in SP3
VB-193010 NURBS Surface Disappears After Cancelling Reshape Operation
VB-193023 ISDK::FitExtrudeToObjects always fit to BOTTOM of roof
VB-193028 panorama gets exported slanted
VB-193035 Wall join tool with pillars takes multiple tries in 2023
VB-193036 Landscape areas bleed when overlapping site modifiers
VB-193040 Graphic Legend: temporary cell numbering when using the 'Cell Visibility and Sorting' button in the OIP, are illegible.
VB-193042 Title Block Manager - Proj. Revision Worksheets Not Cleared Before Duplication
VB-193047 Landscape area problems
VB-193050 Title Block Manager - Project Revision History Worksheet Wipes Default Date Info
VB-193051 Export IFC4: QTO_WallBaseQuantities show much less information in 2023 than they did in 2021
VB-193055 IFC - Data Manager- missing script function to add Class-based mappings
VB-193057 IFC - Data Manager missing functionality for IfcElementAssembly to export by different conditions and export options
VB-193058 *TPieceWiseNurbsCurveHandler::GenerateBoundingRect crashed
VB-193081 Design Layer Stacking Order changes when exporting to DWG
VB-193084 Aligned Hardsape from version 2021 gets forward translated as Planar Pad
VB-193092 It may not be possible to resize the view pane or close the active view pane, when using a Multiple View Panes in Vectorworks2023.
VB-193093 Vectorworks crashes if you execute "Close Active View Pane" after a specific step when using a Multiple View Panes.
VB-193098 Site Model: Updating Cut and Fill calculations hangs or crashes VW in this case.
VB-193099 Incorrect export PDF from Sheet layers with symbols
VB-193107 *TViewWindow::RemoveSplitter crashed-Close Active View Pane
VB-193126 *GetUnderlinePositionAndThickness crashed
VB-193129 Hedgerow object can be modified while using a Fundamentals serial number
VB-193131 *HasVisibleSubObject crashed
VB-193134 Tool Shortcut that use Option in them no longer work
VB-193136 *IsMouseInRoof crashed
VB-193142 Wrong geometry when updating Site Model with Landscape Area
VB-193148 ConnectCAD: Lighting Controls not accessible within the symbol selectors when using a symbol on Equipment Item
VB-193164 Purge: coincident duplicate objects deletes non duplicate text
VB-193165 updating cut and fill crashes VW
VB-193196 Units are in Inches in a blank document
VB-193237 Draped Hardscape - you can't send stakes to the hardscape surface
VB-193239 Elevation must not be available for draped Hardscape
VB-193243 VW_SP4_ Freeze when using numeric keypad to navigate
VB-193262 VW Crashes When Updating Site Model in SP4
VB-193264 Landscape area data tag picks up on invisible classes
VB-193270 Solid fill color of walls are displayed white,when exporting an Image File of a design layer that is being rendered with Redshift.
VB-193271 Hardscape drape mode is missing Site Modifier Information in the OIP
VB-193277 PDF Export Crash...
VB-193281 IFC: WS functions don't work for Hardscape
VB-193282 IFC: WS functions don't work for Landscape Area
VB-193283 *PDFUtilityLib!_VFormat -- crashing after printing
VB-193300 Graphic Legend Displays WinDoor with Incorrect View : JBC
VB-193301 Request for investigation- When launching SG's Vectorworks on certain client PCs, the Vectorworks Site protection icon on the server shows a red dot.
VB-193304 Legend after fills defect from SP2 to SP3
VB-193308 Partner Products installer seems to be adding products to a cache on each run.
VB-193335 ConnectCAD: Create Riser Sheet crashes if you do not set a sheet layer
VB-193383 Hardscape: Vertical sides for inner modifiers not working
VB-193384 Hardscape: Changing configuration from Planar Pad to Draped leads to strange behavior
VB-193385 2023 File Open/Translate crash - ExpressHiddenEdgePoly::TDMoveTo
VB-193387 *GetWallEndCapTopAndBottomExtents
VB-193407 VW2023 SP3 looses font type when printing or publishing
VB-193435 Landscape Area with internal openings shows wrong area
VB-193465 Cant get texture bed to work in this DTM
VB-193474 Slabs with drainage is getting corrupted
VB-193509 Site Model Extruded Contours Show Incorrectly in SP4
VB-193524 Crash BuildingPreviewForRaster
VB-193564 ConnectCAD: Create devices from worksheet not creating devices in this case
VB-193666 Dimensions Can't be Selected Inside Graphic Legend Annotations with "Select All"
VB-193670 Graphic Legend - Changes to Data Tag Styles Get Reverted on Next Legend Reset
VB-193719 Images in Worksheet Function dialog do not show on mac
VB-193726 Image Fills can no longer be applied in this specific file

The following issues have been fixed in SP3:

Issue id Summary
3569 Vectorworks App - Dakcomponent 'kopgevel' kan geen extra afstand krijgen t.o.v. dakrand
8319 Vectorworks App - Bump and render style
8296 Vectorworks App - Site model section shows all heights on "0"
8349 Vectorworks App - No values in radius and angle lists of Outlet Tool
8345 Vectorworks App - Specific document: bottom line component is not shown
8418 Vectorworks App - Specific document: white background in horizontal section viewport
8323 Vectorworks App - Preview distance skylight is wrong
8302 Vectorworks App - No handles for groups in rotated plan view
8482 Vectorworks App - Wall closure by object is reset to "use wall settings" when slided out of wall
8362 Vectorworks App - It is not possible anymore to snap to shaded rendered objects in a section viewport
8500 Vectorworks App - Roof faces get assigned the IFC tag "ifcSlab" by default
6163 Vectorworks App - isplaying "double line" line styles.
8438 Translation - [FR] Datei-Info is not translated
8464 Translation - Please change terminology on the Clip cube Menu command
8463 Translation - several command menu appear in German within configurations
8427 Translation - Wall style names are too long in french version
8476 Translation - Library folder naming for Landscape_Area Styles
8333 Translation - TRANSLATION Library folder: Automatically generated: Stijlen landschapszone
8446 Manual - [FR] "Joindre des murs à l’aide de l’outil Arrondi" needs an update
8410 Libraries - The material '[MA] 0_Binnenwand' should be '[MA] O_Binnenwand'
8473 Libraries - Library "Spotlight title block borders" disappeard in version 2023 NL
8481 Cesyam plug-ins - Spotlight module for texte sur chemin and dupliquer sur chemin
8278 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - The Sliding % fields don't adjust to Open Angle when selecting a different Opening set
8060 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Sliding % max value cannot be cleared with backspace
8457 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Split into rows: no top frame anymore
8434 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Dividing divisions horizontally, top stile bottom division gets no thickness
8483 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Harmonica doors are 100 percent open in 2D and 3D by default
7422 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Vectorworks crashes when inserting specific DEWD- object into a wall
7604 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Vectorworks crashes on preset wall connections
4784 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Een hoekraam met een muurgedeelte op snijhoogte in de hoek wordt neit correct gemaakt in 2D
7593 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Favorites are not correctly enabled/disabled for a Project Window
VB-44059 Trim by line completely deletes some nurbs surfaces
VB-125928 Roof: Bound Offset control
VB-128170 Roof with Square Cut Miter is Cutting off Bound Offsets
VB-131158 Flipping a Symbol when in a Rotated Plan View, the Symbol Moves in Location
VB-145903 Component boundary offset corrupts roof geometry
VB-146450 Roof Components at Gable Ends
VB-159313 Updater - Mac: Percentage and Bar are out of Sync
VB-159773 Worksheet - Image Functioning Broken
VB-167836 KLS: Function GetSpaceNumForObj incorrect with rotated objects in spaces
VB-168135 Segment Record Field Names are Misspelled
VB-174781 Site Model: Skirt is not correctly calculated in this case.
VB-175107 Data Vizualisation: Image Fill Attributes are not scaled correctly.
VB-175492 BUG Worksheet Error GetSpaceNumForObject in Rotation
VB-176132 Worksheet: Symbols in rotated rooms
VB-181845 Revit Import: The columns from the current Revit file aren’t imported
VB-183084 Revit import: The wall aren’t joined correctly after import
VB-183294 Multiview Splitter_test1 Crash
VB-183684 MultiView Test - splitter_test_7 collapsing views
VB-183937 "Create Texture from Hatch" doesn't work
VB-184712 VS Obsolete Python 2.x syntax for __div__
VB-185141 Nol localized unit 'lb' in Material Take-off report
VB-185634 Snapping with 3D polygon to 3D loci doesn't work in a top view
VB-185839 Shaded edges flickering...
VB-185953 Landscape plugin help strings with wrong punctuation
VB-186347 FQRW is rendering incorrect Bump shader colors
VB-186428 Windows don't Show Properly when Revit File is imported into VW
VB-186464 Incorrect result for Function GetSpaceNameForObj
VB-186612 Hardscape: Changing configuration to Aligned doesn't show confirmation dialog
VB-186846 Hanging Position and Multi-cell Instruments numbering
VB-187431 LAND - Landscape Area Site Model has Sheet Layers as option
VB-187464 10+ year old bug finally uncovered - getspacenameforobj
VB-187662 When executed the "Generate 2D from 3D Component" from the context menu,Vectorworks will freezes.
VB-187819 Space sq. meters change with Reset Plug-Ins and opening Space Settings
VB-187867 Steve Johnson DSTOP Asking for ObjectPropID storage info for a invalid property
VB-188077 Symbol text disappears upon rotating
VB-188098 Site Model: Missing vertical edge in the modified site surface.
VB-188178 If the offset of the Structural Member drawn with Auto Join Members Mode turned on is changed, the offset may not be reflected normally.
VB-188332 T02284 - Cloud and plant line are too large
VB-188656 Record Field Value: changes to something other than what was pasted (only this file)
VB-188833 Record Format (IFC Data Set) not exported as IFC 4
VB-188837 Irrigation system test failed
VB-188959 Hardscape should initialize fMaterial
VB-189214 Top/Plan view changes sometimes fails in symbol editor
VB-189237 Lost Blue grips on objects
VB-189408 Batch Rename Results difficult to see in Dark Mode (Mac Only)
VB-189409 Graphic Legends: Virgin GL unable to colour the bacground rectangle of the Title
VB-189414 Bold texts are rasterized when exporting to PDF.
VB-189443 Irrigation network does not work
VB-189562 The Visibility of Classes of the Document has Influence to Graphics in Worksheets
VB-189571 T02274 - Send to surface keeps raising hardscape path object
VB-189578 T02307 - There are duplicates of the functions in the select function dialog
VB-189590 Unable to expand or collapse all groups with the Alt key, when using the Resource Selectors or the Resource Manager.
VB-189701 Marionette: Copy Pasting a network into an existing Marionette object drops all of the wires
VB-189788 ConnectCAD: Create Devices from Worksheet... suggestion skipped on empty Make
VB-189900 Lines of Wall Inserts showing in place of lines from Wall in Hidden Line Rendered Viewport
VB-190172 KLS: Symbol inside title block gets displaced when ding layer is rotated
VB-190174 Updater sets incorrect access permissions on Application Support
VB-190187 Add Data Set in Data Manager to a Symbol doesn't automatically set a check mark
VB-190188 Changing the class of a Symbol doesn't change in every situation the ifcEntity
VB-190203 Speaker Parameter Visibility
VB-190213 Accelerate graphics when on causes Drop Shadows to be quite different when exported to PDF
VB-190231 updating meshes with Direct Link enabled is scrambling them
VB-190398 Texture Rendering Bug - Object Attribute Color not working in Renderworks
VB-190461 LAND - Pad with slop changes to Planar Pad and loses height and rise
VB-190463 T02274 - Site Modifier Pads Can't Have Open Shapes in 2023, Causes Invalid Geometry
VB-190523 Site Model has additional skirt triangle
VB-190528 3D Polygon do not snap to 3D Loci when top view and orthogonal
VB-190598 Recent Regressions in Multiple Hidden Line Automated Image Tests
VB-190615 Edit Image Mask dialog: buttons don't adapt to text length
VB-190631 Undoing externally pasted graphics only undoes text label
VB-190663 Issues with Laubwerk plants
VB-190730 T02274 - Site Model Geometry Shows Gaps with Certain Simplification Tolerance Values
VB-190766 TTanev gSDK-GetObjectTypeN( hSymbol ) kSymbolNode
VB-190811 Reshape handles not showing on groups in rotate plan view
VB-190813 Title Block Border - updating referenced style changes the project data
VB-190852 Structural Members Change Elevation When Copied (Before They're Even Pasted), Can't be Undone
VB-190853 Poly-Type Structural Member Becomes Corrupted When Layer Elevation is Changed
VB-190864 2023 won't open some project sharing files
VB-190909 Should the Site Model have extruded contours in this case
VB-190911 Assert about object type when creating a chain extrude in a working file
VB-190965 Hardscapes don't export properly to IFC
VB-190972 *OnPosSizeChanged crashed
VB-191028 Multiview 'Close Active View Pane' closes wrong Pane (non-active)
VB-191029 Mac Dark Mode: Batch Rename has unreadable text
VB-191044 *VW Crashes when Recreating Site Model from Source Data
VB-191060 Relative positions of GIS Stake Objects export to Shapefile 1,000 times larger
VB-191065 Title Block Border dialogs do not resize properly on mac
VB-191068 Undocked palettes not appearing when using secondary displays
VB-191078 *PKMakeWireFromFace crashed
VB-191080 *Close last open document, crash opening home page
VB-191083 Hard crash - Check Spelling - Learn word
VB-191088 Win only - color picker didn't work when used from New Color dialog
VB-191089 ConnectCAD Objects not up-Converting
VB-191096 KLS: Title Block Manager Saved Sets broken
VB-191125 *NGNodeType::GetOwner crashed a lot from NGNodeType::IdentifySelf - from DrawingContext::~DrawingContext
VB-191145 Railing/Fence Objects Fail to Take-On Default Settings When Reverse-Translated, All Values Get Set to 0"
VB-191149 Base Cabinet Objects change color to all slow performance
VB-191154 Multi-View - View Panes Become Empty After Cancelling Symbol Insertion
VB-191159 DLVP prevents proper invalidation of the symbols
VB-191176 Move Base Cabinet Objects performance is worst
VB-191180 *Crash when trying to create site model from rectangle
VB-191187 Hardscape styles rendering are not working
VB-191237 *Crash in 'PruneObjectScaledBodyCachesInDocument' while updating Site Mode
VB-191239 Texts in the Formula field display too lower position and they hide partially.
VB-191240 Functions used in Preformatted Report "Hardscapes Budget and Quantity US" do not work.
VB-191244 Change Attribute Color performance regression
VB-191249 ConnectCAD: Device Builder ABC Order
VB-191257 Project Sharing: Sheet Layer Viewport does not revert back to it's orginal state, after cancelling Set View
VB-191271 Question- Please let us know why VW2021 and later versions take a long time to draw a large number of 3D objects.
VB-191284 ConnectCAD - Can't edit circuit label on some imported cables
VB-191312 *TMapList::PushRelatedItems_Layer crashed
VB-191314 Broken Section with Perspective
VB-191316 Slow when Entering Edit Section In Place within Test File (surface hatches)
VB-191323 Mac M1: Tool reveal lag (when more than one tool residing in same spot)
VB-191339 2023 Color Picker: Cannot resize palette
VB-191343 Hardscape objects lose control of their site modifiers
VB-191356 The list of Data Sets in the Data Manager dialog still shows deleted fields.
VB-191358 Elevation benchmark and create similar object
VB-191373 ConnectCAD command "Find in Report" missing from stock ConnectCAD workspace Object Context commands
VB-191380 T02230 - Wall/Slab Weight functions descriptions are incorrect
VB-191407 Resource Manager Palette is marked as visible but it's not visible
VB-191408 Crash when change the Record Format Field Type
VB-191412 Site Model: After changing the Z elevation of the layer the Site Model resides on, and updating it, the model reports back different contour elevations.
VB-191439 3D Selection Not Working Properly
VB-191459 *File crashes when opened - Multi thread crash from VGM::TessellationMgr::TessellateGeometry
VB-191464 Data Visualization Schemes Fail to Get Disabled on Design Layers After Viewport Update
VB-191472 Selection in 3D is difficult, if not impossible
VB-191477 Purge: Delete coincident objects deletes UNIQUE OBJECTS in this file
VB-191487 [IFC] Cannot close the Data Manager dialog with OK after deleting a data sheet field
VB-191488 LAND - Plant styles pick up layer opacity
VB-191490 Crop viewport has drop shadows: all objects within viewport will have drop shadows as well.
VB-191502 Graphic legend sorts by color index not color name
VB-191504 IES file doesn't load
VB-191508 Structural Member: Not moving after Join
VB-191513 DSTOP after committing a styled table and chairs
VB-191525 Tear-Off palettes not working (Ventura bug?)
VB-191528 Hedgerow 2D Graphic Attributes Issue
VB-191543 Purge Unused parameter for Color palettes needs to be rewritten for clarity
VB-191550 *2023 Crashing on Launch -TAppProtection::GetLicenseDescriptionFolder
VB-191563 Space Preferences dialog shows non-working Units button
VB-191565 VV2022 to VW2023 import does not work
VB-191573 Graphic Legends Cause Layer Import Dialog to List Lots of Empty Layers
VB-191574 Static Array Overflow DSTOP Array index Id out of bounds (0..-1)!
VB-191582 DLSVP Not Rendering Properly in Hidden Line after Editing Section In Place
VB-191584 Controls Disappear in OIP Render Tab After Mapping is Changed on Slab/Roof/Roof Face Components
VB-191592 Wall End Caps: add method fails, if wall has an end cap on the other side already
VB-191599 Site Model: TIN mesh contains same point twice
VB-191600 Pathway Site Modifiers/Hardscapes Ignore Changes to Longitudinal Profile Shape
VB-191610 Export PDF shows black in Shaded (from forum)
VB-191612 The word, "Color" is clipped in the Attributes Color Palette on my Windows computer
VB-191626 IFC Export: Hedgerow shifts place after export
VB-191627 Hidden line rendering issues. Vectorworks 2023.
VB-191628 Data Manager: Object Data default mapping needs changes for Vectorworks 2023
VB-191633 Jetbuilt export from Vectorworks does not import
VB-191636 Hardscapes/Site Modifiers Fail to Align with Single-Segment 3D Polygons
VB-191640 *Aligned hardscape crash
VB-191656 Graphic Legends deleting annotations
VB-191657 Graphic Legend annotations wall object
VB-191658 Rotate Plan loses grips on groups
VB-191663 No controlpoints for groups in rotated plan view
VB-191665 Space: Label conversion to DT in 2023 causes hughely changed layout
VB-191668 Wrong worksheet function description =Count
VB-191671 Multiview splitter corruption
VB-191681 Issues with roof components disappearing
VB-191694 ConnectCAD: Edit Device Array wrong from combined panels
VB-191696 Project Sharing - By-Style Space Additional Area Settings Fail to Get Committed
VB-191703 Space Settings Gross Bottom Offset Option Fails in VW 2023
VB-191717 Object selection fails in wide perspective in shaded & show/snap other layers, works in wireframe & active only.
VB-191736 Hidden-Line preview (and occlusion) needs ROTATION for HSVPs
VB-191739 *VWMM::Partition::GetInstantiatedState crashed a lot -- Multi thread crash - related to HomeScreen, OnClosingLastDocument
VB-191748 KLS: SLSVP Polygon render background with hidden line foreground not working
VB-191752 ConnectCAD - Lost Connections when moving devices
VB-191753 KLS: Site Model changes height when alter Layer height
VB-191760 Cropped text in Color Picker Dialog
VB-191761 Vectorworks 2023 Fundamentals command not actually available
VB-191768 Hardscape 2D Graphics disappear
VB-191770 Graphic Legend: Missing Sort By parameter
VB-191771 A problem with Foreground Render of Viewports
VB-191774 Mesh Edit Preview Shows Incorrectly Inside Symbols
VB-191780 Cineware should not be launched when AVX is not available on CPU
VB-191783 Top baseline text is actually bottom baseline text
VB-191785 Redraw Problem when Inserting Symbol in Viewport Annotation
VB-191791 Preview distance skylight is wrong
VB-191808 *VW Crashes in SP2 When Copy/Pasting Grade Objects to a New File (Mac Only)
VB-191809 Simplify 3D Polygons Command Can't be Undone
VB-191823 Vectorworkscript/Python function "SelectAll()" doesn't highlight selected objects.
VB-191829 Vectorworks 2022 unable to be converted and opened in the v2023 format.
VB-191832 Request for investigation- When opening the settings of the added Data Sets in the Data Manager, the field type is displayed as "UNKNOWN".
VB-191858 Chain Dimensions created in Graphic Legend annotations have very small text
VB-191859 Graphic Legend Cell numbers
VB-191866 Site Model: Updating the site model from this file enters endless loop, hangs VW.
VB-191874 *Updating the Site Model from the test file crashes VW - ContoursOp::CClosingOperation::GetBoundaryPartByContourClockwiseness
VB-191879 Assigning a hedgerow attributes by class does not work when the hedgerow is offset
VB-191895 Railing: Place Post Arrangement not being displayed as expected
VB-191900 Suspend Snapping all snapping disabled after relaunch
VB-191911 Question : When the graphic legend is created to a plugin style, the definition of "Auto-dimensions" in the "Define Legend Image" is less than without the style.
VB-191919 Profile Line not showing in Section Viewports
VB-191922 memory corruption in Gefaelle Grundriss
VB-191927 Align stations vertically causes Nurbs road to go to high elevation
VB-191931 Interactive Sizing Insertion Mode Fails If Param Record Does Not Already Exist : JBC
VB-191941 Hedgerow: Wrong parameter name
VB-191943 Sweep Unselectable
VB-191947 File unable to open in 2023 - Stuck on Step 4/11: Updating Plugin Objects
VB-191955 Export 3D PDF - Structure of document
VB-191970 *KLS: Attached file crashes when updating SLVP
VB-191980 *vwx 2023 crash when updating referenced IFC made in vwx 2022
VB-191989 Recent Regressions in Multiple Automated Image Tests (Mac Only) (Mac Intel has RW disabled because of AVX changes)
VB-191991 *Spotlight::LightingDevice::Data::CLightingDeviceData::GetParamSint32 crashed
VB-192002 KLS: Section In-Place very low performance in 2023
VB-192004 KLS: Worksheet formula gets replaced when using sum values or summarize item
VB-192019 LAND - Send to surface works only in some configurations
VB-192028 Outlet tool no longer showing preset options for resources
VB-192037 *Edit Section In-Place sometimes crashes
VB-192040 Interactive Sizing no longer respecting By Style Parameters
VB-192043 *VW crash when ESC is pressed with project sharing check out dialog open
VB-192048 In the â€Create Walls from Spacesâ€e dialog, the "Exterior Wall Style" and "Interior Wall Style" popups only show "Generic Wall".
VB-192053 Missing / Wrong Base Quantities for Space Objects in IFC 2x3
VB-192057 "001" not possible as Space Number
VB-192072 Georeferenced DWG comes into the wrong place
VB-192093 Site Modifier - Grade object don’t move with Z (elevation) value modification of layer
VB-192094 *NGNodeType::SetRefNumber crashed -- TTemporaryScaledSymDefs::ClearPageBasedSymbols()
VB-192110 Split Tool Line Trim Mode Fails on NURBS Surface in 2023
VB-192113 Path Site Modifier: Transversal Profile rounding error
VB-192150 *Closure::Parasolid::LineWallPeakTrimmer crashed
VB-192151 *SymbolToolDef_kOnUpdate2D3DCursor crashed
VB-192170 Adding a transverse profile to a site modifier doesnt work
VB-192190 Issue Board name is missing when using BCF manager and connect to bimsync
VB-192208 *Instant Crash when editing Door or Window in Wall -- Closure::Parasolid::LineWallPeakTrimmer
VB-192227 Color Picker Popover Won't Resize
VB-192296 Crash when editing a roof face -- Oc3D_DeleteObjectDependancies
VB-192303 Site update model freeze
VB-192316 VW Crashes in SP3 When Reshaping Extrude Along Path in Shaded Mode - Oc3D_DeleteObjectDependancies
VB-192324 VW Crashes When Selecting Bitmap Object -- Oc3D_DeleteObjectDependancies
VB-192338 Crash when tweaking light objects with lit fog - Oc3D_DeleteObjectDependancies
VB-192356 File crashes when trying to use Spotlight Numbering feature on Clay Paky Scenius Unico fixtures
VB-192365 *File crashes when using spotlight numbering by unit number --GetParamSint32
VB-192368 Crash when Opening Test File - Oc3D_DeleteObjectDependancies
VB-192369 Clicking on one of the door handles (vertex) crashes Vectorworks -- Oc3D_DeleteObjectDependancies
VB-192394 Spotlight: Lighting Device Auto-Numbering
VB-192401 Spotlight numbering command for units only crashes Vectorworks.
VB-192431 Graphic Legends update on publish
VB-192467 Increment the Copyright year in the Splash screen and About Vectorworks dialog to 2023
VB-192565 Snapping Fails Inside Containers in SP3 in Non-Wireframe Render Modes
VB-192572 Snapping stops working inside edit symbol mode, if rendered

The following issues have been fixed in SP2.1:

Issue key Issue id
8428 Vectorworks App - Menu command appears in german within Vectorworks 2023 FR SP2
8424 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - A projectwindow in SP1 2023 becomes a window in SP2 2023

The following issues have been fixed in SP2:

Issue key Issue id
8332 Vectorworks App - ConnectCad has no database connected
8309 Vectorworks App - Lack of profiles in Structural member tool
8149 Vectorworks App - Hedgerow by Instance worksheet: terminology changes
8134 Vectorworks App - one of the options of 2D representation Laubwerk tool doesn't work ( Us & FR version)
7888 Vectorworks App - Graphic Legend - default scale
7069 Vectorworks App - Show other objects while in edit modes doens't work when editing a roadway
6975 Vectorworks App - Line end marker by class
8295 Vectorworks App - Line Array displays Generic shapes of speakers instead of symbols in FR Version
6177 Vectorworks App - Multiple View of internal walls label problem
5332 Vectorworks App - Exterior Trim in Exterior Joinery Tool for a "hobbit" windows is displayed in a wrong way
5010 Vectorworks App - Worksheet images are invisible when the class of a symbol is set to invisible
8304 VECTORWORKS - No default marker in internal walls
8294 VECTORWORKS - Not possible to use a symbol as source in Line Array setup
8253 VECTORWORKS - numeric keypad error
8325 Translation - Choosing a surface hatch for a texture: the option "none" is not translated to Dutch
8265 Translation - Small error on graphic legends
8225 Translation - Translation error renderworks background
8218 Translation - Slab styles: The slab function 'Base Slab' has been translated to 'Basis'. That should be 'Funderingsplaat'
8076 Translation - Missed translate all option of hedgerow tool.
7651 Translation - Translation Légende plantes avec images (sans Surfaces pavées et Haies mixtes)
8244 Libraries - BIM BE templates: Section B has "1" as number in stead of "B"
8145 Libraries - "02 Muren" is activa when you open the BIM NL template
7893 Libraries - Texture in Ext_ALU (materials)
7546 Libraries - Localize Library File: Imperial Landscape Walls.vwx
6958 Libraries - Wrong volume unit in material report
8056 DE others - the same view for different types of Laubwerk tool
8237 Computerworks plug-ins - Flat Insulation: two different translations of the same parameter
7709 Cesyam plug-ins - Automatic Dimension - some dimensions missing
7701 Cesyam plug-ins - Automatic Dimension - 3rd mouse button
8329 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Graphic attributes own set
8306 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - WD-DE no textures in objects in the libraries
8293 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Attributes sets for interior joinery are actually attributes sets for exterior joinery
8288 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Locked Divisions crashes VW
8279 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - There are no openingdirections and wall default vaiues in Polish Vectorworks
8250 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Insertion height changes when opening an older docuemtn in version 2023
8168 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Mirroring a division with multiple sections will recreate mullione
8120 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Mirror doesn't work with two sections.
7812 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Mirroring a sliding window leads to incorrect geometry
7578 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Open Angle value jumps back to 0° when changing Opening Direction
7518 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Slat extends too much in corner window
7466 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Extra division in a horizontal sliding door after changing dimensions of the divisions
7446 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - no preview in section settings by vertical sliding window
7445 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - wrong geometrie of opening direction by sliding windows
7443 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - wrong geometrie of a hor sliding window after changing division and section values.
7393 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Specific document: Project window doesn't stay linked
7211 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - strange behavior with mirror a double door
7199 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Flipping project windows should not be possible
7131 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Object ID from Preferences is not assigned to object
7011 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Shift doesn't work for vertical sliding window
6883 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - wall components disappear by inserting joinery
6713 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - DELog should be reworked
6690 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Specific object: sill is invisible in 2D plan
6654 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Wall Favorites on generic wall -> Crash
6597 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Manage Sets Dialog: Cancel button does not cancel the adjustments
6402 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - L-shapes: inner component is not created correctly
6333 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Deleting the option 'onderlegger' in the 'grafische kenmerken'
5967 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Sliding window geomertry is wrong
5917 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - 2D attributes of slab sill don't always display the correct attributes
5564 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - window-door responds slow when using more subdivisions
5484 (DE-WD) Interior/Exterior Joinery - Recalculating project window settings causes accessories to disappear
6214 (DE-BoQ) Bill of quantities - BoQ: undo thing
VB-39462 (V1)Splitting a straight landscape wall segment causes it to disappear
VB-78866 Using Split Tool (3rd Mode) on a string of plants causes it to disappear
VB-98903 Cannot marquee select and delete a vertex of a Space object like you can other objects
VB-116803 On Mac, in the New Palette dialog, tool tips for colors don't display in the Color Grid tab.
VB-121337 Wall End Cap Shows Wrong Story-Bound Component Height
VB-139864 Concat Function Fails in Worksheet with Value of 243 : JBC
VB-139926 Split Tool's 'Line Trim Mode' Deletes Both Halves of Split Object
VB-147448 Worksheet cells are always flagged as text when pasting data into empty cells
VB-148030 Slab tool's wall bounding does not work with this wall configuration
VB-148628 Wall End Cap is in a 3D-View not visible
VB-149169 Pad with Retaining Edge: doesn't accept z=0 for retaining edge
VB-151120 Unable to scroll in the Resource Popup Browser after changing the view type
VB-154942 DOM: User Origin shifted by using basic Marionette Objects
VB-155891 Zeno14_Wall heigt Stories doesn't work
VB-156665 Section Viewport: Hidden Line Render Load bar Loop
VB-156775 Property Line is not visible after creation
VB-158537 Set Origin Tool Becomes Grayed-Out When Active File is Changed While Inside Symbol Edit Mode
VB-161290 Items missing from the context menu after editing a hardscape profile
VB-163727 Navigation Palette will not activate after clicking in Resource Browser
VB-164574 Multi-View - Items Can't be Highlighted in Nav Palette in 2020 When a Floating Pane is Active
VB-164764 Using blue context menu removes items from right click context menu
VB-166939 Memory does not release VW 2020 SP2
VB-168033 crash when updating a viewport
VB-168054 Multiple View Panes: Toggle Off and On results in a black image
VB-168188 Data Manager: Third Party Plug-ins do not show any parameters
VB-168861 Inconsistency when Using the Split Tool "Line Trim Mode" on Hardscape Object
VB-169746 Wrong coordinates at the Vectorworks Origin if working with georeferenced files
VB-170143 Clip Tool draw the Crop of a Viewport too small
VB-170340 Sign in and notification icon are incorrect size on a high DPI screen
VB-172301 Lighting Pipe Ladder Loses 2D when using Copy & Paste
VB-174236 DXF Re-Import: Polyline missing
VB-174731 Lighting Pipe Ladder's "Show Snap Guide" Option Adds 3D Geometry on Screen Plane
VB-174768 Section Graphics Fill Temporarily Changes when Editing Section Style Class in Org Dialog
VB-175312 Sectioned objects invisible if enclosed by other (hollow) geometry
VB-176239 Stair becomes "2 objects" when upper layer is changed in OIP
VB-176261 Marionette: inserting red symbol wrapper into design layer with different scale disconnects nodes within the wrapper
VB-176334 Section Viewport: Round Wall isn't displayed as expected
VB-176781 Activate Object Info Palette command not working
VB-177424 Z_72_Wall_Height_Stories_Set.
VB-177904 After deleting lights from hanging position, rigging indicators still remain
VB-179704 Unable to open file
VB-180817 When working in multiple view panes and telling one pane to close it is stuck open.
VB-181042 Changing texture material doesn't work as it shoudl for slabs
VB-181817 *Revit Import: Only a part of the geometry is imported
VB-182074 Editing materials that are used in styles doesn`t update the placed objects using these styles
VB-182736 Lighting device 3D insertion Not working correctly
VB-182746 Spotlight Television Object OIP "Hanging Point" pulldown doesn't do anything
VB-182768 Edit Render Mat: material skin lost while inside Edit 3D Symbol
VB-183074 Material Data Does Not Update in PIO Style
VB-183132 Spotlight Numbering: The multi-circuit numbering doesn't number correctly the multi-circuit lighting devices
VB-183188 Spotlight Television Hanging Position Pull-Down doesn't do anything
VB-183221 Revit Import: If you import the attached test file only one record format displays in the Resource manager
VB-183396 Marionette: This wrapper hangs when converted to an object node
VB-183474 Worksheets: WALLSTYLENAME does not work inside LEFT function
VB-183506 Horizontal Section: 2D Components not displaying as expected for Hidden Objects Above/Below when using Per Object Cut Plane Override.
VB-183512 No Layer Plane Option for Objects in Groups wird 3D Plane
VB-183598 Text is distorted after copying to Vectorworks
VB-184038 Faulty Revit import
VB-184228 Marionette objects, layer plane option show twice in Plane pulldown
VB-184269 Format Cells dialog:The Component drop down is active and empty if you set Image Type drop down to Thumbnail
VB-184394 Preview of selected symbols display erratically in SLVPs
VB-184421 Specific wall: opening is created wrong in 3D
VB-184748 Spotlight Speakers are hit and miss with Braceworks claiming attachment points
VB-184776 3D Symbol with MAT is fragmented
VB-184842 Copy/Paste error when copying lighting ladder with attached instruments
VB-184874 Worksheet Image Cut Off
VB-184930 Wrong Hatch Scale in Viewport
VB-185067 Worksheet in Design Layer does not show the colors of the Data Vis based on classes when set ot 2D Fill
VB-185127 "Imported" mesh smoothing causes weird surface lighting
VB-185132 Openings with closures under clerestory openings don't show correctly
VB-185141 Nol localized unit 'lb' in Material Take-off report
VB-185200 Television and Braceworks hit and miss with connecting
VB-185211 If a file with a space drawn is exported to a previous version and opened in a previous version of Vectorworks, this space cannot be moved.
VB-185271 ISDK::ConvertObjectToPolygons causes infinite loop when called in the reset event of a plug-in in preview
VB-185297 Spotlight Lighting devices no longer correctly attach to hanging positions
VB-185398 Ghost objects show up when rendering in hidden line inside symbol edit
VB-185413 KLS: Make all attributes by class different on Mac and Win
VB-185424 0006975: Line end marker by class
VB-185552 Double clicking polyline switches from Top/Plan to Top view. OIP lists 2 Layer Planes
VB-185578 Spotlight placing TV on truss is hit or miss with braceworks claiming ownership.
VB-185867 Layer Plane option missing when changing the plane of objects within a Group
VB-185997 Symbol insertion preview at cursor not working in VP Annotations
VB-186044 Show other objects while in edit modes doens't work when editing a roadway
VB-186060 Offset Edge Crashes on this model (PR 10307902)
VB-186329 *Wall Join Tool Crash when clicking outside a wall
VB-186334 Seating section from previous version displays unwanted lines after a boundary edit
VB-186339 RTL text
VB-186478 Hidden Line Render Fails to Show Pen Attributes
VB-186697 Area light missing glow texture in Renderworks modes
VB-186890 GSA Occupancy button in OIP should be dimmed
VB-186951 Lighting Device Shutters - Black Mask is over extending over 350%
VB-186977 T02286 - Cannot change season but you can change the variation when Laubwerk is used in a plant style
VB-187051 In the Japanese version, if the Field Type of the Data Sheet is "Pop-up", even if the parameter is changed from the Data tab of OIP, it will not be reflected in the object.
VB-187066 T02274 - Side skirt of a site model is not shown properly with extruded contours
VB-187312 T02315 - By-Style Height Can be Changed with OIP Z Field, Resets After Style Edit
VB-187321 Volume Display Reverts to "Gross" in Space Style Dialog
VB-187362 T02315 - Shift-Constrained Resize of Linear Structural Members Fails to Follow Cursor
VB-187380 T02067 - Site Modifier - Grade Limit Contour Edit
VB-187466 Wall texture display not updating when Material's texture is changed
VB-187828 Structural member: Styled object arriving in None class only. Unable to change its class.
VB-187907 "Layer Plane" absent from Plane dropdown in OIP when inside Group
VB-187926 Aligned hardscape: realign flag is turned off incorrectly
VB-187992 (Maxon Fix) Send to Cinema 4D doesn't show the whole scene on first export
VB-188007 Scaling issues on 4K monitor
VB-188009 Realistic Interior Final rendering Fails with black Spots within Test File
VB-188022 Error when creating plants from catalog
VB-188041 Space tool settings shows Style icon next to Space number
VB-188045 Redshift: Random Black Walls/Ceiling within Test File
VB-188146 Space object: Identical room finishes repeated in finish list when applied to 4 different walls
VB-188176 Hidden line rendering of this model is missing slab and roof face component edge lines
VB-188194 T02274 - Transverse Profiles Don't Align with Corners of Path Modifiers
VB-188225 Icons and Tooltips disappear after switching Workspaces
VB-188255 T02309 - Placing Door or Window in 3D using Interactive Sizing insertion, preview disappears after moving mouse
VB-188256 Color Picker in main Edit Data Visualization window - Windows OS ONLY
VB-188277 Aligned Hardscape Elevation Gets Flipped Relative to Bounding Wall
VB-188359 Edits Done Inside Viewport's Elevation In-Place Mode Get Undone Along the Wrong Axis
VB-188382 *Curtain Wall Combine Frames Mode causes crash
VB-188573 Multi Cell Numbering issue in Spotlight Numbering: Unit Number on Manual
VB-188660 Door interactive mode - preview looks odd
VB-188723 *Vectorworks crashes or freezes when combining frames on a curtain wall.
VB-188782 Spotlight Cable Tools reverts from my chosen user cable to the VW version
VB-188801 Title capitalization command works incorrectly with parentheses
VB-188859 Split by Point Fails on Contour-Type Site Modifiers
VB-188863 Page-based hatch inside 2D Symbol inside VP Annotations not displaying correctly
VB-188899 Search Button, Message Center, and User Name, Small Icons on Windows
VB-188906 Clerestory window becomes the same graphic style as a regular window
VB-188917 spotlights in redshift must match better renderworks
VB-188970 Specific document: Importing Vectorworks objects from a Revit model: some walls are not imported
VB-188971 Specific document: Importing Vectorworks objects from a Revit model leads wrong wall clipping
VB-189004 Graphic preview not visible when dropping symbols in viewport annotations
VB-189017 cannot "pick up" redlines
VB-189039 RBerge DSTOP Unhandled FormatType version
VB-189088 SBE: ISDK->CreateProxyObjOnLayer places proxy object at incorrect Z value
VB-189163 Generated view for plants is breaking up and not following style settings
VB-189201 Callout Fill Color not responding to change when set to Class Attributes
VB-189278 2D preview of symbol not present in Viewport Annotation
VB-189279 Windows Only: Color Picker>Manage Palettes... Design Space flashes White after clicking OK
VB-189360 Solid Fill Color doesnt change if press Apply right after changing Hex
VB-189457 Rendered light beam is shifted from Lighting device at accessory insertion
VB-189495 OIP Render Tab Shows Roof Component Textures Incorrectly When Set By-Class
VB-189507 Crash during BSP tessellation (bad tessellation cache handle)
VB-189517 Clip tool Roof in 3D views with automatic plane fails
VB-189528 Any action causes full "Cutting Section" operation
VB-189532 MacOS Ventura- First Shaded/RW Viewport Update of Each Session Takes a Very Long Time
VB-189555 Decrease dialog column width and mouse over results in a cover on top of the text
VB-189556 Workspace regression, shortcuts do not work anymore
VB-189565 T02309 - Selection grips of Doors shows away from original location
VB-189576 Hidden Line render not displaying object
VB-189584 Resource Manager Window Minimized closes when selecting Search Items
VB-189606 Applying a fill to objects with materials should not be allowed
VB-189652 The worksheet functions "rounddown" and "roundup" do not produce correct results depending on the numerical values and formulas to be processed.
VB-189680 When using the Export Worksheet command from in the Power Planning palette the user should be warned that the sort order will not export.
VB-189706 Grade Tool Assigns the Wrong Elevations in Rotated Plan
VB-189711 Properties fail when Space is created from Create Objects from Shapes command
VB-189722 DOM: Marionette Button corrupts Stiled Marionette PIO
VB-189724 DOM: Importing Marionette PIO Style damages Script
VB-189728 Moving Data Tag Causes Random Objects to Get Created When Multi-View is Enabled
VB-189734 Pickup mode does not work when picking the settings of a styled landscape area copied from other file.
VB-189736 Exception thrown from CExtOutletDripObj_EventSink::DrawDripLines sort
VB-189756 Updating of landscape areas causes Force Quit
VB-189760 Data tag fails when creating Space from " Create Objects from Shapes" command
VB-189763 Marionette: Wires going into ports shouldn't appear on top
VB-189764 Component Name worksheet function missing from Data Tags
VB-189779 First Redshift VP doesn't update when multiple RS VPs are updated
VB-189792 Project Sharing: An object without type wants to be checked out, when AEC->Energos->Project Settings command is called.
VB-189802 Spotlight - Not possible to have Inactive Label Legend
VB-189813 Hardscape Set Joint Pattern Options not working properly.
VB-189834 Line Endpoint Style Always Visible When Make All Attributes By Class
VB-189835 Space Object Marquee Delete
VB-189836 Excessive amount of vertical lines/edges on the sides of a site model base
VB-189844 Hardscape slope - OIP shows wrong value
VB-189893 T02353 - RW Background Doesn't Generate with Viewport Previews
VB-189902 Copy/paste between documents fails for custom Dimension standard
VB-189919 Import of custom dimension standard crashes Vectorworks (Win only)
VB-189925 T02353 - Changing Active Sheet Layer Causes Unnecessary Phases (Caching and Viewport Preview)
VB-189937 T02353 - Viewport Previews Always Show a Fill in the Final Frame
VB-189939 Select Similar - Not selecting all 3D objects with matching lineweight
VB-189961 Automatic Plane Highlighting Flickers When Push/Pull Mode is Enabled
VB-189974 T02353 - Setting Viewport Preview Causes Other Viewports to become Blank on the Sheet Layer
VB-189975 Series G - About Vectorworks dialog - Product module text bleeds into graphic
VB-189976 T02353 - Viewport Previews Disappear After Dialog Appears
VB-189982 Export IFC4: 'Separate Instances' mirrors the components
VB-189988 Entered values are automatically shortened
VB-189990 Rounding in dialog leads to inaccurate values
VB-189993 Wrong start point at coordinate system "LV95" at Vectorworks zero point
VB-189995 Problems with glazing bar configuration
VB-189997 *T02286 - VW Crashes When Changing the Variant on a Laubwerk Plant
VB-190017 Wall Closure geometry issues with wall holes that extend past top or bottom of wall
VB-190020 Bitmap in Annotations of Section VP irretrievable if you delete VP then undo.
VB-190031 Multicell lights sending incorrect/mismatched info to Lightwright
VB-190042 Delayed progress dialog fails to display in narrow version
VB-190046 Marionette: Get 3D Info missing tags for volume & surface area
VB-190047 Mac dark mode: pen thickness dropdown recently updated in Attr Palette but not elsewhere
VB-190048 Can't remove Round Wall tool from workspace
VB-190049 Data Tags checkbox for Use world based units does not stay checked between uses.
VB-190052 Additional Area Setting leads to Asynchronous Working Files
VB-190053 [Data Tag] Formula not evaluated when in second line of definition
VB-190067 Renderworks is setting the same gobos texture for different lights.
VB-190069 Purge command delete used custom profiles of structural members
VB-190071 Crash in Cineware
VB-190084 UpdatePIOFromStyle called with wrong type
VB-190102 When offsetting a group the behaviour is different in v2021 compared to 2023
VB-190114 DOM: Marionette styled Path PIO works different than non-styled object
VB-190138 Section Viewport: objects displayed grey instead of black
VB-190142 Data Tag: Pulldowns not editable in Edit Tag Data dialog
VB-190149 Attribute Palette, fill settings tool tip shows wrong on Mac
VB-190150 Recent Regressions in 'HSVP Display Test.vwx' Automated Image Test
VB-190153 T02309: Multiple Selection - Can only move control points for first selected Door/Window insert
VB-190158 Space numbering tab Manage button has alignment issue
VB-190159 CDR: Walls don't close caps in Horizontal Section Viewports
VB-190160 Dutch Hip Roof randomness
VB-190170 DOM: Button resets values from styled marionette PIO
VB-190171 ConnectCAD: Equipment item make-model text overlaps
VB-190182 A formula set in the Field Mapping doesn't show on the Define Mapping when switched IFC language to "Localized" in the Data Manager dialog.
VB-190200 Spotlight Hanging Position Numbering for Multi Circuit lights does not work
VB-190203 Speaker Parameter Visibility
VB-190211 Workflow issue with 'Make All Attributes By Class' and Line Endpoint Styles
VB-190219 Changing Hardscape configuration from boundary to pathway produces wrong Longitudinal profile
VB-190225 ConnectCAD: Cable path reshapes weird on drop point drag
VB-190226 ChangeManagement: ChangeSubscriber does not report changes when making a class name uppercase
VB-190239 Errors when exporting from VW to MVR
VB-190243 Inconsistent behavior of the keyboard shortcuts from Home Screen
VB-190244 Heliodon export solar animation doesn't work with Redshift
VB-190245 A crash happens when opening the attached file.
VB-190246 Inappropriate Home Screen message when offline
VB-190260 Wall not visible in 3D
VB-190267 Class Parts and Prefix are shown in the OIP of the speaker and should not be.
VB-190283 Data Bar fields not translatable in Door & Window tool
VB-190290 Redshift Animation Export does not update camera position
VB-190296 Hoist: Tolu DSTOP Improper delete call Memory Leak Detected. Object 0x4f5c360d0 of tdType 11 is not referenced in the undo table. It is very likely a temporary object and should be deleted WITHOUT undo.
VB-190333 Hidden Line Render: Lines from edges closer to the view should always clip the lines from edges farther from the view regardless of their thickness.
VB-190335 LArsenyuk DSTOP GetMappingTypesList - map type is not supported!
VB-190338 HSVP doesn't show Slab Object while in Perspective Projection
VB-190340 VW Sometimes Crashes When Drawing in Extrude Edit Mode
VB-190346 Standard VW Color Palette Scrolling Issues - Mac ONLY
VB-190348 Spotlight - CRT Curved Televisions have Mirrored/Flipped Screen Images
VB-190350 Mac - Color Picker - hot spot orientation
VB-190352 Opening this file in 2023, the lights are registering as black
VB-190354 Send 'Extrude along path' to surface not working
VB-190360 Graphic legend, Window schedule - Windows are mirrored
VB-190370 Hidden Line Viewports Show Stacking Order Incorrectly in Recent Versions
VB-190371 Symbol's 2D Component Edit Mode Fails After Undoing Viewport In-Place Edit
VB-190374 Arrow markers are invisible and text with fills when "Ungrouping" the dimensions in annotations on a sheet layer Viewport (Accelerate Graphics only).
VB-190383 IFC4 export of wall components messes with components and data order
VB-190411 The Home Screen no longer starts up in a high-security network environment.
VB-190417 Exception thrown for uninitialized variable in COffsetPolyDef::MakeVoroniDiagrams
VB-190420 ConnectCAD Adapter object fails to check connectivity when moved
VB-190424 Texture bed not showing attributes correctly in 2023 SP1
VB-190426 Callout Prefs: leader line length default changes after first Callout instance
VB-190429 *Video Screen tool crashes Vectorworks
VB-190450 AndrewB associations.size() == 1 && associations[0].handle && (*associations[0].handle)-GetTdType() == kSlabDrainNode
VB-190451 DEBUGSTOP DSTOP: Invalid column data item
VB-190456 ConnectCAD: Hover over socket leads to object jittering
VB-190472 Renderworks is rendering black spots on walls with render bitmap tool
VB-190484 Referenced DWGs placing incorrectly in 2023
VB-190486 Cannot edit comments on the BCF Manager when connected to server
VB-190491 Win only - color picker display incorrect when multiple sorts without dismissing
VB-190492 LAUBWERK: Material style Changing option creates extra Textures
VB-190502 Landscape Area Style: Turf Area - incorrect 3D Display setttings
VB-190504 Import Revit - VW crashes
VB-190513 Aligned tool produces strange result
VB-190514 Message Center Preferences dialog does not always appear
VB-190516 Clicking ? on Home Screen does not load specific help page
VB-190521 Crash when editing lighting device accessory
VB-190522 Aligned hardscape outer triangles not invalidated
VB-190531 Spotlight - Lighting Device - GDTF
VB-190543 Palettes undock when clicking on the palette title bar
VB-190549 Hedgerow Tool - the 'Z' perimeter does't work on the terrain model
VB-190553 *2023 File Open/Translate crash
VB-190555 Speaker object fails to insert
VB-190558 2023 Georeference Issue
VB-190559 Geometry issues with inserts in Arc Path Walls
VB-190561 Space Data tag places away when rotated or mirrored
VB-190569 Site Model: Redundant mesh faces in Cut&Fill 3D Display
VB-190575 the same view for different types of Laubwerk tool
VB-190611 Hydrozone record format doesn't exist in "Irrigation Reports.vwx" file.
VB-190612 Home, Notyfication and Magnifing icon disapears after Workspace changing
VB-190617 Marionette: Get Symbol Info not returning angle
VB-190618 Filling attributes pallet and resource manager
VB-190620 T02309 - Selection Tool Non Interactive Scaling Mode: Resize Handles Shown
VB-190623 Crash while Edit section in place - Multi threads from CreateMeshData
VB-190627 KLS: Hidden Line Rendering SLVP not working when option display planar object is active
VB-190635 Railing/Fence: Length of horizontal bars is not being calculated
VB-190654 LAND - Referenced DWG not gereferenced correctly
VB-190657 Spotlight Cable Tools connection labels need updating in Device graph
VB-190658 Spotlight Cable Tools renaming and removal of columns in Property View
VB-190660 Spotlight Cable Tools rename generator to power source.
VB-190673 it is not possible to make a class in the space graphic attributes settings.
VB-190682 Image Fill Menu Settings Popover: Apply-Image-to Icons Mismatched
VB-190685 Vectorworks created odd folder / path for .ldf file
VB-190689 The File menu commands are sometimes all disabled when Home Screen is displayed
VB-190697 Georeferering av dwg-filer er feil med import+reference
VB-190709 Critical Viewport bug, unable to make classes visible
VB-190714 French Vectorworks: Laubwerk seasons and variants aren't translated
VB-190715 T02274 - Aligned Site Modifier Loses its Shape when Grade Object is Added to Surface Modifiers
VB-190721 CDR: DTM Display 2D Colored Elevations not working properly.
VB-190724 Space preview in settings dialog fails to show Space number and name
VB-190728 Sheet Layer Viewport will not allow layers to be made visible once turned off or grayed
VB-190734 If selected "Selected Design Layers" in "Export DXF/DWG", you may be able to select "Export viewports as 2D graphics in model space".
VB-190737 Project Sharing: Find and Modify used as selection requires additional items checked out
VB-190747 DWG reference comes in at the wrong place
VB-190749 *Import or reference Revit file crashes Vectorworks
VB-190753 Wall End Caps Not Working
VB-190761 Energos u-value Document Setting doesn't stick
VB-190762 BBudzon DSTOP Failed to update the blank anim preview!
VB-190763 Gaps in Arc Path Wall Components at Closure
VB-190778 BCF Manager cannot set new topic with due date month to be "December"
VB-190779 Splash screen rounded corners show artefacts on Windows
VB-190784 T02240: Space Label looks different after translation
VB-190786 T02240: Data Tag invisible by instance
VB-190787 Graphic legend worksheet component thickness in wrong units for component != 1
VB-190788 IntersectSurface function return polyline is wrong
VB-190791 Edit Tag Data has duplicated information
VB-190795 *Crash while running color picker AT on Win --CColorsView::PreTranslateMessage
VB-190803 Export IFC: windows not detected by space boundaries
VB-190808 Cannot copy/paste in any of the color picker text fields
VB-190815 Shift-Constrain Gives the Wrong Result on Structural Members in 2023
VB-190816 ifc export and Seperate instances for walls generate not unique GUIDs
VB-190819 *Crash after editing wall projection
VB-190825 Mac Resource Manager palette window will not dock
VB-190831 Redshift Viewports not rendering properly when bulk updating
VB-190835 Hoist origin Data tag parameters not updating correctly
VB-190837 Structural Member Auto-Joins Fail When Connecting to Existing Members with Non-Zero Elevations
VB-190842 Laubwerk: one of the options of 2D representation Laubwerk tool doesn't work ( Us & FR version)
VB-190848 Not Possible to Dock Palettes in VW2023 SP2 build
VB-190850 Counter error when adding data tag to Space object
VB-190851 Recent Regressions in Multiple Automated Image Tests
VB-190854 Multiview, closing active pane from a different pane, active plane may not close completely
VB-190855 Part os Rulers don't show correctly when Multiview pane is split. Redraw issue
VB-190866 Question : LDF files cannot be downloaded on a PC with a high security environment.
VB-190873 zNested Textures folder name seems to be wrong
VB-190874 ConnectCAD: Re-Route Circuits Tooltip
VB-190875 Senthil Prabu Persistent Naming faces split not having common surface
VB-190884 *Crash in tessellation while updating section viewport
VB-190885 Redshift does not work on Ventura (MacOS 13.0)
VB-190893 Wall Tool - Custom bar sometimes doesn't display correct values in top view
VB-190908 Site Model missing skirt triangles
VB-190918 T02303: Comment selection highlighting does not work properly
VB-190920 Marionette; cos node not working
VB-190921 Wall Component Thickness function ft-in
VB-190927 Door and Window ID tag control handles have disappeared
VB-190936 T02556: Import IFC Dialog - Property Sets (Selection only as a whole)
VB-190937 Railing/Fence Settings Dialog - Cannot check "Place two brackets at corner" option
VB-190948 Encoding in splash screen is not correct
VB-190955 Structural Members Get Auto-Joined When Resized, Even When Tool Mode is Disabled
VB-190956 Miter Angle Resets to 0 When Structural Member is Resized
VB-190969 Texture by class used in criteria cannot be overridden by DataVis
VB-190982 Reshaping 3D polygon in front view always snaps Y to 0.
VB-190984 BCF API crashes VW after second attempt to log in to StreamBIM
VB-190987 Bevel Angle is Incorrect on Mirrored Structural Members
VB-190992 Help file missing important info for cable tools power patch position command
VB-190996 Drag-n-drop of Graphic legend creates a too big object
VB-191011 Marionette: Nodes in 2023 SP2 are all missing preprocessor commands
VB-191024 Door Images are Flipped, Misaligned in Graphic Legends in SP2
VB-191037 Railing/Fence objects missing horizontal frame bars
VB-191048 VGS/Enscape related crash
VB-191049 Class Names Don't Register Changes to Capitalization
VB-191052 Extrude Along Paths Fail to Show Fill in Section Graphics in 2023
VB-191053 Opening and converting a v2022 file with pads
VB-191059 Question : Is it possible that activation fails when the activation key for Vectorworks Site Protection is upgraded?
VB-191074 Graphic legend title alignment bug
VB-191081 Resizing Structural Member by Selection tool in front view always stick Y to 0
VB-191091 Data Manager setting for "by style" default doesn't work
VB-191101 BCF Issues - Saving creates nested BCF folders, lost snapshots and editing
VB-191110 DWG Export - After a specific workflow Support SIA dimensions option is not properly initialized.
VB-191112 BCF - Classes not being saved in some Snapshot (and images being lost after reopening)
VB-191114 Graphic Legend - By-Instance Image Scale Changes After Editing Style
VB-191125 *NGNodeType::GetOwner crashed a lot from NGNodeType::IdentifySelf - from DrawingContext::~DrawingContext
VB-191127 Railing/Fence Posts Move to the Wrong Elevation When Reshaped
VB-191134 Railing/Fence incorrect geometry when using 45degree frame bars
VB-191143 Replace the texture of a material: Wall compnents don't show the difference immediately
VB-191144 geolocate-tool: searching with LV95 coordinates, offset to internal origin
VB-191148 Graphic Legends Recalculate Twice When Text Settings are Changed
VB-191153 *Crash when VW attempts to check out / edit a data tag
VB-191175 Retaining Wall Site Modifier - 2022 > 2023 Translation Hang
VB-191184 SBE: Rendering issues in simple document (Final shaded polygon)
VB-191185 Wall Holes Fail to Get Created for Some In-Wall Symbols in 2023
VB-191188 Structural Member no longer creates smart snap points when reshaping with the Selection tool
VB-191190 *Unable to cut/fill calculate site model in v2023
VB-191195 Project sharing - editing data tag style seems to check out unrelated layers
VB-191232 Fatal: Joining top rails of curtain wall
VB-191234 Graphic Legend Fails to Show Hardscape Component Images for Some Hardscape Styles
VB-191336 Reverse translation of record fields of type refNumber related - DO NOT WORK
VB-191348 Mesh Edit preview Bug
VB-191384 Wall Closure geometry issues with wall holes that extend past top or bottom of wall
VB-191385 Window wrong 3D display due to End Cap in Wall
VB-191411 BCF Palette missing extension schema data
VB-191419 T-joins on interior side of the arc of an arc path wall is incorrect
VB-191420 Arc path walls with incorrect arc segments in TopPlan
VB-191439 3D Selection Not Working Properly
VB-191448 Strings unlocalizable in the parameter names for formulas (railing/fence)
VB-191459 *File crashes when opened - Multi thread crash from VGM::TessellationMgr::TessellateGeometry
VB-191472 Selection in 3D is difficult, if not impossible
VB-191499 SBE: Graphic Legend displays rotated PIOs incorrectly
VB-191524 Question: T02296 - Laubwerk Tool and Object
VB-191530 Data Manager changes to the default mapping needed for the tool Window CW
VB-191531 Symbol edit 2D components crash
VB-191536 Dirty viewports are distorted when panning
VB-191541 Developer Site VS Appendix G does not match version in Application folder
VB-191545 Viewports visually compress when pushed against palette borders, while panning, until mouse is released
VB-191557 It is much harder to select objects when in Shaded render than previous versions
VB-191580 This viewport renders all wonky in 2023 SP2B3
VB-191621 Question : Support plans for Apple macOS 13 Ventura
VB-191622 Closing of inactive document closes the active one and leaves VW in corrupt state
VB-191661 Description of python vs.PopupGetChoices is wrong
VB-191717 Object selection fails in wide perspective in shaded & show/snap other layers, works in wireframe & active only.
VB-191728 Wall Hole Fails to Get Cut in SP2 When End Cap is Used

The following issues have been fixed in SP1:

Issue id Summary
6802 Vectorworks App - When you import a color palette : all the RGB values change
6722 Vectorworks App - Round wall's texture do not reproduce in a symbol
7465 Vectorworks App - Export Web View (3D only)
7427 (DE-ExtWD) Exterior Joinery - DE-ExtWD - Frame dimension is not a locked value
7420 DE others - Code Objects and Code components doesn't remember coding system in file
7409 DE others - Interior Door : Insert mode and the display of the Wall's texture "Holes"
7416 Translation - No translation in material's description ([MA] Zaprawa)
7436 Vectorworks App - "Show other objects while in Edit mode" doesn't function with slabs
5690 (DE-ExtWD) Exterior Joinery - Default values
6148 Vectorworks App - Translation / duplicate problem with the framework tool
7119 Vectorworks App - Migrating a spotlight werkspace from 2021 to 2022 goes wrong
7435 Vectorworks App - Structural member bugs when using the "Move by points" tool.
7142 Translation - Bad description for Loads classes option in Braceworks Preferences
7467 Vectorworks App - "Accelerate graphics" doesn't display transparency correct on complex line types
7144 Vectorworks App - Migrating a workspace from VW 2019 to 2022 gives issues
6995 Vectorworks App - "ADD SURFACE" Space enlarging
7504 Vectorworks App - Specific document: Importing Vectorworks objects from a Revit model leads wrong windows insertion heights
7473 VECTORWORKS - not a correct export to PDF
7207 Vectorworks App - Stair Tool : Graphics attributes settings shows unwanting text "STRING"
7087 Translation - translate the word "dakrand" in the object info palette in "opleghoogte"
7458 Libraries - Missing prefix in Renovation files
7138 DE others - Interior Door: Inconsistency in label values
7226 Vectorworks App - Polish macOS users have French translation in SP3.1
7472 VECTORWORKS - Section-elevation line on elevation height
7208 VECTORWORKS - Textures in unreal datasmith export
7213 VECTORWORKS - Structural member top view and 2D plan
7415 VECTORWORKS - Entering values ??at opacity with drop shadow
7512 Libraries - Kleurenpalet Tuin kleuren
7530 Vectorworks App - No trees in the Existing Tree preferences
6708 Vectorworks App - DWG import crashes Vectorworks
6733 Vectorworks App - Rendermall Plants Missing in localized version
6860 Libraries - localized RenderMall tool options shows less options than the EN version
6969 Vectorworks App - No data in Plant Area label (OK-OK)
7402 VECTORWORKS - Vectorworks Design Express NL version is missing the VGX export in all workspaces
7459 Installers - Teamwork surfer not present in the installer VW2022 SP3.1
7529 Translation - Missing translation
7508 Translation - Translation Error
7004 VECTORWORKS - no render when usic the basic tool textures
7548 VECTORWORKS - Image export to PDF scales random
7532 DE others - Polish Vectorworks - Gutter: class name is too long
7325 Vectorworks App - Sketchup import fails for SKP2022 and SKP2021
7114 Vectorworks App - "Create Plant Style from catalog" doesn't correctly name the plant style
7567 Translation Database - Bulk update statusu - apply to all
7189 Vectorworks App - Specific document: polygons created by fill displace in annotations section viewport
7528 Vectorworks App - Specific wall configuration: slab doesn't find a closed boundary
7434 Vectorworks App - Structural member: center marker is posisioned wong with another alignment than "center"
7474 Vectorworks App - Line thickness wall is behaving incosistenly in section viewport
7526 Libraries - BIM templates: predefined section have a limited range
7533 Vectorworks App - Architect workspace > Annotation tool set: US tools
7492 Computerworks plug-ins - Wall picture and own image
7494 Computerworks plug-ins - Wall picture and own image
7169 Vectorworks App - Wall with merging top ans bottom at the start cannot handle 2 openings
7121 Vectorworks App - Default texture mapping is wrong in version 2022
6876 Vectorworks App - Grass on extrusions is not rendered in combination with specific slab
7488 VECTORWORKS - Direction polyline and arc lenght dimension
7069 Vectorworks App - Show other objects while in edit modes doens't work when editing a roadway
7127 VECTORWORKS - Texture problem between 2020 and 2022
7560 VECTORWORKS - can not open files in de viewer 2022
7506 Vectorworks App - Specific document: Importing Vectorworks objects from a Revit model: some walls are not imported
7505 Vectorworks App - Specific document: Importing Vectorworks objects from a Revit model leads wrong wall clipping
7597 interiorCAD - A class in the plinth tool of the cabinet 3D has a wrong name
7543 Translation - Mistake in a translation: sheet layer vs. design layer (NL&PL)
7390 Translation - Error translation for "Planting/Nursery Schedule Comments"
7191 Translation - <ROOF FACE>: Dutch translation mistakes
7457 Translation - Data Tag loads ENG field value for #Plant#.#Rate mode#
6177 Vectorworks App - Multiple View of internal walls label problem
7032 (DE-ExtWD) Exterior Joinery - Interior and Exterior Joinery Default Library have no textures
7089 Libraries - Ext-WD library : all the windows with glass appears grey (without glass texture)
7603 Libraries - BIM templates: Elevation lines are grey
6652 Libraries - Furns hulpbronnen bevat keerwandzittingen maar geen keerwanden
6744 Vectorworks App - Redshift does not apply panoramic images to the background correctly
6686 (DE-ExtWD) Exterior Joinery - Texture sets: fill in section viewport is wrong
7600 (DE-ExtWD) Exterior Joinery - "draairichting haaks verder weg" is displayed wrong in settings dialog preview for most graphical sets
7058 (DE-ExtWD) Exterior Joinery - DEWD Graphics sets: "beweging boven snijvlak" should have a dashed line
6087 Vectorworks App - Display problem with some textures imported from mtexture
6982 Translation - Wrong unit in root ball size
7194 Vectorworks App - Texture mapping extrude changes after conversion from 2021 to 2022
6911 Vectorworks App - Wide flenge profile created in v2020 changes geometry in v2022
6050 Libraries - Data Tags > Landschape area need further editing to be able to use in Dutch
7481 Vectorworks App - Hardware missing in Door US tool
7085 Translation - Perpendicular Dimension preference dialog contain not translated terms
7340 Translation - Rename 'Insulation Join' to 'Flat Insulation Join'
7463 Translation - DE-WD: 2D/Plan should be Top/Plan in English
7425 Translation - Space tool: wrong dutch transaltion in options for "publiek toegenkelijk"
6424 Vectorworks App - Problems with specific mationette code
7509 Libraries - missing v2021 Plaatstijlen converted to Hardscape styles
7735 DE others - Cabinet - no AP sensitivity
6465 Vectorworks App - Scaling multiple objects doesn't work in rotated plan
7715 Vectorworks App - specific viewport in specific document: VW blocks when updating viewport; "outof memory" error when saving document
7495 Computerworks plug-ins - Wall picture on design layer with elevation
6702 (DE-EP) Electric Plan/Link - The mode bar of the Electrical Drawing - Link tools misses the mode name and the corresponding help text
6586 Manual - Syntax "translation" Vectorworks help 'Rekenkundige functies' not correct
7909 (DE-EP) Electric Plan/Link - Electric plan doesn't work with the renovation command
7598 Vectorworks App - Hybrids have translated Profiles
6853 DE others - error in the affiliation of texture setting in the PIO for the interior door's tool. and translation Vectorworks 2021
6580 Vectorworks App - Publish - Naming Scheme export PDF
7497 (DE-ExtWD) Exterior Joinery - wrong geometrie with window in combination with wallpart.
6503 Vectorworks App - VW crashes upon importing this IFC file
8160 Vectorworks App - Wrapping preview is wrong
8135 Vectorworks App - it is not possible to make a class in the space graphic attributes settings.
4784 (DE-ExtWD) Exterior Joinery - Een hoekraam met een muurgedeelte op snijhoogte in de hoek wordt neit correct gemaakt in 2D
6393 (DE-ExtWD) Exterior Joinery - Corner wall part is not created properly
5541 (DE-ExtWD) Exterior Joinery - walls do not make a good connection in 2D
7388 (DE-ExtWD) Exterior Joinery - Opening is not created for a window with specific settings
7389 (DE-ExtWD) Exterior Joinery - 2D display specific window is wrong
7417 Vectorworks App - Specific document: Grid doesn't export to IFC
3051 (DE-ExtWD) Exterior Joinery - Buitenraam- en deurgereedschap: Standaard kozijnbreedte (Uitsprong)
4776 (DE-ExtWD) Exterior Joinery - Glass corner isn't cut correctly in 3D
5444 (DE-ExtWD) Exterior Joinery - Some parameters in the OIP should be grayed out for a project window
5538 (DE-ExtWD) Exterior Joinery - "invalid geometry" in specific document
7328 Vectorworks App - Specific wall style wth specific wall cap can't handle more than 1 opening
5366 (DE-ExtWD) Exterior Joinery - Insertion of non hybrid in wall
7591 (DE-ExtWD) Exterior Joinery - Crash when adding handles to double door in DEWD Int
3257 (DE-WS) Window Schedule - Vertical lines disappear when top rows ID and Aantal are unchecked
3004 (DE-WS) Window Schedule - Objecten met dezelfde ID moeten ongeacht de ontwerplaag samengenomen
3842 (DE-WS) Window Schedule - Raamstaat: objecten samenvoegen op totaal van model, niet alleen per ontwerplaag
3663 (DE-ExtWD) Exterior Joinery - Schuifraam/deur gaat open staan als de kozijndikte aangepast wordt qua dikte.
7327 Manual - Spelling mistake on manual page
7398 interiorCAD - Wrong translation in manual interiorcad
6518 Vectorworks App - Syntax problem with a worksheet function
5891 Translation - Libraries: Roof styles and line styles have the same prefix (ST)
6016 (DE-ExtWD) Exterior Joinery - Connection window-wall with window of 1000cm
4491 (DE-ExtWD) Exterior Joinery - 2D weergave slag bij componenten met klasse "Klasse van het object"
4735 (DE-ExtWD) Exterior Joinery - section slug not merged
5105 Vectorworks App - Incorrect graphic representation for editing Nurbs icons in Mode bar
6108 (DE-ExtWD) Exterior Joinery - Wall type 7 is not created correctly in combination with chanmfer corners
6463 (DE-ExtWD) Exterior Joinery - Changing the vertical sides of a window in hybrid view results in crash
3704 (DE-ExtWD) Exterior Joinery - Samenstelling binnen het dialoogvenster kunnen spiegelen.
3083 (DE-ExtWD) Exterior Joinery - [Wish] mogelijkheid om binnen dialoog de raamdeur te spiegelen
3066 (DE-ExtWD) Exterior Joinery - In dialoog van Raam deur gereedschap de mogelijkheid om de totale samenstelling te spiegelen.
4785 (DE-IntWD) Interior Joinery - Impossible to open project door settings in specific document
4789 (DE-IntWD) Interior Joinery - Project door dialog doesn't open
8233 (DE-EP) Electric Plan/Link - DE-EP point reads wrong space name
6510 (DE-ExtWD) Exterior Joinery - Project window in specific document has weird link with other project window
6466 (DE-ExtWD) Exterior Joinery - FR Version: some parameters in the settings interface overlap visually
7903 (DE-IntWD) Interior Joinery - Thickness cannot be changed for custem lintel
5332 Vectorworks App - Exterior Trim in Exterior Joinery Tool for a "hobbit" windows is displayed in a wrong way
5415 (DE-IntWD) Interior Joinery - Vectorworks crashes with editing specific door
5463 (DE-IntWD) Interior Joinery - Giant square with specific settings
VB-137825 Text Style not updating when including nested object group class change
VB-141049 Import IFC incorrectly imports geometry
VB-164589 Import IFC with wrong size and positioning of IfcBeam
VB-169238 BUG Color CMYK Sliders change values
VB-171040 Grade objects updates but not Stake objects when update the Site Model
VB-176546 *CResourceManagerBreadcrumbControlImpl::PaintControl crashed - Win only
VB-176782 *Vectorworks crash without specific action -FilteredDataSource::SetPulldown and CResourceManagerBreadcrumbControlImpl::PaintControl
VB-178125 Marionette connections getting severed on import if an embedded symbol already exists inside the document
VB-179018 [UI Review][T02195][Mac Only] Utility menu button on the side of the Resource Selector are too small
VB-179602 Problems with specific marionette code
VB-180127 Spotlight Power Planning Doesn't display phase loading in Power Overview
VB-181636 T02171 - Wrapping Around Splay Exterior Profile Incomplete Around Corner Window
VB-182775 Data Tag can't used in horizontal Section Viewports.
VB-183534 Opening this file in 2022 does not interpret accessories correctly.
VB-183895 Serious problem with Viewports when a 2021 file is open in 2022
VB-184898 Problems with Wall Closures
VB-185172 Activate class / layer not working in 3D
VB-185230 VW 2022, resizing OIP when render tab is active shrinks the controls
VB-185314 Worksheet Criteria "False" doesn't work
VB-185664 Activate Class and Layer not working in 3D
VB-185848 T02252 – Radio buttons not behaving as expected
VB-186176 Contour Line of Space use 3D Boundaries instead of 2D Boundaries
VB-187169 VS Appendices do not match between the installed and Dev Site Versions
VB-187586 Windows Show Incorrectly at Low Detail Level in 2023
VB-187708 Nav Palette Class selection changes after changing visibility
VB-188031 Space Adjacency matrix is not displaying correctly in 2023
VB-188145 T02314: Door and Window "Opening" Configuration Has incorrect closure object
VB-188344 T02274 - Aligned Hardscapes/Site Modifiers Take-On the Wrong Elevation in 2023
VB-188362 Cannot edit group when a viewport with "lock position" enabled is in the group
VB-188404 SBE: Wall Modernization: Wrappings not drawn when PIO in wall is reset
VB-188427 Site Model Components Get Lost When Exported to Previous Versions
VB-188487 "Convert to lines" works differently compared to previous version.
VB-188497 Extrudes don't display correctly in Section Viewports
VB-188913 Hardscapes do not adjust to each other
VB-188917 spotlights in redshift must match better renderworks
VB-188975 MacOS Ventura: Cursor doesn't change when adjusting width of docked palettes
VB-189002 Win only - new color picker selection scrolling problems
VB-189123 *Crash after modifying a referenced file --FilteredDataSource::SetPulldown
VB-189167 T02296 Laubwerk preview of spread and height in RM is not what you get
VB-189193 T02309 - Inserting Windows (Interactive Sizing Insertion Mode) in Wall Causes Components to Disappear
VB-189200 Interior Splay Wrapping is Incorrect when Two Windows are Partially Stacked within the Wall
VB-189251 VW Freezes After Failed AutoTURN Online Download
VB-189255 Wall Closures for Corner Windows Fail within Test File
VB-189347 Crash when clicking on New Data Visualization
VB-189352 LAND - Sculpted proposed site model surfaces are not showing contour lines in 2D
VB-189415 When drawing Radial Dimension for a 3D object in Viewport Annotation, it might be placed in an unintended position.
VB-189423 LAND New plant style settings should match updated default content
VB-189433 Angles show the "Angstrom" symbol
VB-189465 T02280 - Color Picker: Edit boxes in Custom pane too small - Windows Only
VB-189470 T02274 - Site Model Shows Modifier Conflicts in 2023 for Intersecting Pads
VB-189471 T02274 - Site Models Disappear in 2023 When Reset All Plugins is Initially Run
VB-189478 Inaccurate Space link endpoints when Adjacency matrix is used
VB-189496 T02274 - Getting error message about hardscape border when opening a specific file
VB-189568 The layer reference shows the location of the local copy of the server-based file
VB-189574 Hardscapes with Style missing Orange Selection Highlight
VB-189578 T02307 - There are duplicates of the functions in the select function dialog
VB-189588 Graphic Legend - Dimension Standards Do Not Travel with Imported GL Styles
VB-189606 Applying a fill to objects with materials should not be allowed
VB-189618 Railing: uncheck fixed posts - infill disappears
VB-189619 Search Palette not translated
VB-189621 T02240: Space Label converted to DT does not show "signs" (+, -, ±) in VW28.0.2b (German version)
VB-189634 Zones of Spaces assigned by style are not removed
VB-189635 Top rail of railing/fence object does not allow itself to be reshaped as one would expect
VB-189698 T02314: Wall Closure in 2D Top/Plan doesn't match 3D
VB-189717 Cannot tag Slab data in Graphic Legend using Data Tags
VB-189735 Landscape areas are getting 'ghost plants'
VB-189737 Marionette; geopy not working because of SSL certificate
VB-189753 Inserting PIOs in walls that have capped join components change attributes from component to wall class
VB-189762 Grade update, but Stake doesn't update and Regression in 2023
VB-189769 2D Component hatches not showing in Slabs in Viewport set to Top view and rendered in Hidden Line.
VB-189778 Wall Join Weirdness
VB-189786 Clerestory windows don't behave properly with jamb insertion options
VB-189794 JSt: Windows SDK Error with gSDK->AngleToStringN()
VB-189799 T02230 - Wall QTO worksheet function FootprintArea calculated incorrectly
VB-189818 KLS: Help text in grade network could not be localized
VB-189837 Activate Layer
VB-189861 Space: area net calculation is off - modifier is applied twice (since 27.0.3)
VB-189869 RefNumber of a copied viewport isn't added into Undo system
VB-189881 Window Object - Ignores Z Offset for Sill Dimension in Graphic Legend : JBC
VB-189883 Landscape area doesn't calculate plants per surface area
VB-189884 Material Fill Attribute 'by Class' stuck
VB-189888 Double-click suspend snapping shortcut should be disabled during writing
VB-189890 T02315 - By-Style Height Can be Changed with Reshape Tool, Resets After Style Edit
VB-189897 Resetting Wall Crashes or Hangs Vectorworks
VB-189904 T02315 - "Use Layer Cut Plane Elevation" Can be Enabled in Settings Dialog While Disabled in OIP
VB-189912 Adding to record format corrupts attached record
VB-189949 Data Tag : Display units separator is visible when the User-entered field is active.
VB-189957 Walls Show a Gap Around in-Wall Objects in VW 2023
VB-189958 *Crash while opening Edit Data Visualization dialog
VB-189963 Documentation for ObjectData('Universal Value') incorrect.
VB-189967 Site Modifiers Disappeared
VB-189970 White gap in Attributes Palette Colors - Windows ONLY
VB-189986 Marionette: VW crashes, if you try to debug an object network.
VB-190000 Adjacency Matrix - Space Link not right
VB-190014 LAND Site Modifier Edit Transverse Profile Terminology incorrect
VB-190021 VW Crashes when Resetting all Plugins within Landscape File
VB-190026 Walls missing after updated workgroup reference
VB-190035 Worksheet function option names not localized correctly when they're in a database row
VB-190045 Space Object: "Assign Room Finishes" button not present by default in OIP
VB-190068 Worksheet function Count('modifiers') always returns 0 for walls with modifiers
VB-190070 *Hardscape: opening the VW2022 file in VW2023 crashes VW. Caused by the Hardscape.
VB-190083 Marionette: Python link doesn't work
VB-190085 Missing translation in Elevation Benchmark
VB-190089 Spotlight Cable Tools "Notice" Tab to the Power Planing Palette, no returning from clicked link
VB-190109 Missing translation in the Hedgerow preferences
VB-190113 Wrong Migration filenames and foldernames
VB-190121 T02172 - Graphic Legends Recalculate When Entering Cell/Title Layout from Edit Style Dialog
VB-190122 T02309: Reshaping a Door or Window insert's Width by dragging a side or corner control point results in a wider than expected width.
VB-190154 VW 2028 Spanish UI: Recent files not displayed in list
VB-190155 VW 2028 Spanish UI: ConnectCAD: Overlapping fields in Armador de dispositivos dialog box
VB-190166 Cannot localize Worksheet Functions into German
VB-190195 T02274 - 3D Loci Can't be Used as Site Modifiers in 2023
VB-190199 T02240 - Space Settings Dialog "Space Label" Pane Doesn't Respond to Changes in Style
VB-190202 Wall closure wrapping not wrapping as expected for door but fine for window
VB-190204 VW Freezes When Drawing a Hardscape with an Invalid Path
VB-190216 Path modifier: Shape of transverse profile (i.e. lanes shape) is flatten at longitudinal 2D corner vertices.
VB-190234 BCF Manager Crashes Vw
VB-190236 T02172 - Graphic Legends Cause Dimensions on Sheet Layers to Show Incorrectly
VB-190237 T02172 - Graphic Legend Title Frame Has No Left/Right Margin, Causes Cramped Text Display
VB-190251 *A crash occurring when Reconcile Notes command is being executed
VB-190252 *A crash occurring when attempting to perform a drag and drop operation
VB-190253 *A crash occurring when a callout object is double clicked
VB-190254 *A crash occurring when a double click is performed on a callout object after saving file
VB-190316 Wall Inserts not cutting through walls and closure geometry displaced
VB-190343 Space text from VW22 file is scaled too big
VB-190373 [Question] About "Draw wall lines" in Door settings and Window settings
VB-190384 T02309 - Interactive door preview shows wrong and not aligned with mouse draw
VB-190391 Titleblock shifted, cannot edit
VB-190412 When using Vectorworks2023 series B without internet connection, the home screen cannot be used.
VB-190435 turning off Classes keeps jumping the nav window back to the top
VB-190439 Worksheet: select function search only works with lowercase
VB-190441 Area function does not work for subpart panel of Railing/Fence object
VB-190443 Railing/Fence functions for subpart panel return N/A
VB-190459 KLS: Strings names double in RevitImportOptionsDlg.vwstrings
VB-190471 Crash when Creating Site Model from Boundary within Test File
VB-190482 Buttons obscured
VB-190532 Rotated viewport not rendering Hidden Line foreground
VB-190536 Wall wrapping with symbol results in a wrong Top/plan
VB-190568 Site Modifier: Pad loses its custom slope direction when translated to VW2023 (gets reset to default).
VB-190592 MFarnan DSTOP New undo event (Plug-in Event) added before previous event (Drag Object Into Wall) was ended
VB-190661 Save Style for Structural Member change the height of the Structural Member
VB-190666 T02315 - Structural Members Move to Ground Plane When Converted to Styled
VB-190695 Clipped text on dialog when opening image from a server-based working file
VB-190698 Cropped Button in Rebuild Nurbs dialog
VB-190738 Cropped text in Document Georeferencing Dialog